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If you’ve been living with irritating skin around your stoma thinking you have to put up with it…think again! 

Much irritation around your stoma is due to the adhesive (the light brown bit you stick to your skin) going all gooey and mushy when you wear it, making your skin feel wet and itchy. Many pouches or seals soak up output from a leak to form a seal around your stoma, keeping wet output against your skin. And as the pouch or seal starts to break down over time it becomes harder and harder to remove. You have to pick, scrape or scrub at your skin every time you change your pouch because that same adhesive sticks like glue to your skin. Sound familiar?

Chances are, if you are suffering from soreness around your stoma, it is because output has gotten on your skin and your adhesive has started to breakdown and go mushy.

You may have been accepting this as normal for life with a stoma, but it needn’t be that way. You can say goodbye to that itchy, burning feeling around your stoma.

Why not join 1000’s of other Ostomates who are enjoying the soothing benefits of a Trio Siltac® Ostomy Seal

Trio Ostomy Seals have been specially engineered to eliminate these problems. Using Responsive Silicone TM Technology, Trio Seals are designed to self-adjust to your stoma without needing to soak up output. So they actually shield your skin from output leaving it feeling fresh, clean and pain free all day.

Try Trio Siltac® Silicone Ostomy Seal for FREE

Siltac® is our Triostomates favourite every day companion. Because it doesn’t allow stoma output onto the skin it is hygienic and stops skin getting sore, itchy and red.It gives you all the Trio benefits of a snugger fit, soothing on skin, easy to peel off and reduces the chances of leaks.


Hear from TRIOstomates who have said goodbye to that itchy, sore, burning feeling.

“Within one week of using the Trio Silvex Silicone Convex Seal, my skin had improved by 90%. The top layer of skin had repaired itself and the area felt more comfortable and less irritated. The itching that occurred before application of the seal stopped. I now don’t have any stoma issues.“    Karen, 54, school administrator

“Siltac® 3 is amazing! I can’t believe the difference they have made. I have been able to keep my pouch on for two and a half days the first time in 18 years! For all the sores and pain I have been through over the past years, I cannot believe how in just a short time the Trio products have changed my life. I just can’t thank you enough.”    John Piercy, Liverpool

Need more time to decide?

Don’t worry if you need more time to think about trying a Trio. Give our friendly care team a call. They will ask you about what you are looking to improve and can talk to you about any worries or concerns you have. Call 0800 531 6280 to speak to someone today!

Published: 29th September 2015

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