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Having introduced the Trio Elite Sting-Free Adhesive Remover into an already competitive market, we felt it was important to layout why both ostomates and nurses should try the product for themselves rather than just expecting you to ‘take our word for it’.  So we launched the ‘Elite Challenge’, which encouraged ostomates to try Trio Elite Sting-Free Adhesive Remover for themselves, compare it with their current products and feedback their findings.  We were not surprised at what we found but happy none-the-less.

Everything changes

When you are an ostomate, everything changes.  Everything you are used to doing changes.  It can be like having an unplanned baby.  You weren’t expecting it and you wake up with this ‘thing’ that needs your constant care and attention.  You are worried about it; conscious of it; embarrassed by it and never know what to expect from it!

As if this wasn’t enough, you have to deal with the side-effects of having your stoma:

Sore skin, irritation, leaks and the inconvenience of changing.

“Initially, I was given a bag that I left the hospital with which I thought it was ok but didn’t really know any better.  Once I was well enough I started to look into the bags out there and signed up to the Tidings which had lots of information from other companies, sometimes too much information.  I changed to Coloplast Sensura one piece following advice which worked really well and kept me feeling secure, but I have to say difficult to remove with the number of bag changes I made.  The skin was beginning to get sore, red and irritated where the flange made contact, from the pulling.  I would dread change time and started to avoid eating and drink too much to try and lengthen the time between changes. “

Candy Store

There are many, many products that available to help prevent the side-effects of having a stoma, and every company will provide samples and alternatives.  Patient journals and open days are a good way to find out what is available, however this can leave you overwhelmed due to the number of options.  When sampling ostomy accessories you should ensure that you allow some rest between products so that you can tell if you have reacted, or if the product is effective.  Identify the issue you are trying to resolved and find which product has been the best at dealing with it.

“At a patient open day that I attended I found the wonderful world of accessories, it was like being in a candy store and samples were being offered just like sweets.  I came home with a bag load of stuff and tried them all.  I decided to use Brava because I used their bag and I thought it would work better with it.  It was easier than before, I’d spray and pull, and my change became less painful.  It’s only with hindsight that I can say that there would be a lot of liquid on me and running down my body, so when I was in public places it presented with its own new issues. Plus, I would always hold my breath just a little when I was going to spray because I found the suddenness a bit cold.  But again, I didn’t really know any better as they were all like that. “

So What’s New…?

Once you have been using your chosen product for a period of time, you may find that you have a new set of problems!! It is worthwhile speaking to your nurse, visiting open days or sending off for samples of new improved products.

“It was only recently I discovered Elite by Trio at another open day, I like a freebie or two!  I was attracted initially by how they looked, I didn’t realise they were an ostomy company because they looked quite different in the room.  I wondered over out of curiosity and was greeted by friendly knowledgeable ladies who told me why Elite was different and how I could help the GP save the NHS budget.  I do like doing my bit, so when she said ‘don’t take my word for it try it yourself’ I took her up on her challenge. “

The ‘Elite® Challenge’

Trio® Healthcare has always ensured our products are never a ‘me too’, instead that there are always improvements that provide benefits to both stoma nurses and ostomates.  We have improved the efficiency of the product by ensuring control over how much is sprayed and where it spray is directed.  The fine mist gently helps the bag to come away from the skin with minimal wastage with maximum effect.

‘On my next change I tried Elite and my initial thoughts where that it seemed less medical and more like body spray.  I held my breath like I always do, but I didn’t need to, the spray was soft and gentle like a mist so it didn’t drip and run.  I only needed a few short sprays just like the Trio® person had said and the bag started lifting off, it was quite amazing to experience because I didn’t think it was possible to improve on the products I had tried.’

Less is definitely more!

The upshot of the efficiency of Trio® Elite® Sting-Free Adhesive Remover is that you will need less adhesive remover at every change and so it will last longer; potentially you will need fewer cans on your prescription, making a saving for your nurse and GP.  Making Trio® Elite® Sting-Free Adhesive Remover your product of choice provides benefits for ostomates and the NHS budget.

“Over a month on from first trying Elite adhesive remover, I have added it to my prescription which I get from the delivery company that I use.  I have been able to reduce the number of cans I needed from 4 to 3 which I am pleased with because I think we all have our part to play in reducing wastage.  My skin is happy, never sore, if anything its left silky soft.  My advice to others is to make up your own mind and the only way to do that is to ‘not take my word for it but to try it for yourself’, just like the lady at Trio® told me to.”  Caroline Perkins, Hants.

The ‘Elite® Challenge’ produced hundreds of cases such as Caroline Perkins all telling us at Trio® Healthcare the same thing – its more efficient, more effective, less cans needed and improved skin condition.  But like we said at the beginning of this blog, ‘don’t take our word for it, try it yourself’.

Published: 1st July 2016

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