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Genii™ Flange Extenders. Genius for extra security.

There are lots of reasons you may need extra security against leaks. Maybe you have a hernia, do a lot of physical activity or want peace of mind at night. If you’re worried about your stoma bag coming unstuck, we’ve found a way to solve this problem that’s kinder to skin.  Genii™ Flange Extenders are designed to go around the flange to provide a soft, flexible, invisible border which conforms to your body shape. They move with you, so you can be as active as you like without worrying about leaks.

Genii™ Flange Extenders are available in one size which will fit arround all stoma bag sizes and shapes.


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Key features

Genii™ Flange Extenders are made with unique Sil2 Breathable Silicone Technology® which draws any moisture that gets trapped under the flange back into your bag. This means it won’t lift up or peel away even if you’re swimming, bathing or sweating.

Prevents leaks – stops the edges of your flange from lifting up

Secure adhesion – suits any activity, temperature or body shape

Allows the skin to breathe – reduces damage and keeps skin healthy

Highly flexible – helps you move freely and easily

Comfortable – ultra-thin, invisible skin for instant wear

Waterproof – ideal for swimming, bathing and holidays

Gentle removal – without any pain and leaves no residue

Increases wear time of your bag

Product name and code

Genii™ Flange Extenders – TR1060


Pack size


Genii™ Flange Extenders - Kaye

I’d recommend this product it’s absolutely amazing. I have more confidence in this then the other flange extenders I was using. Doesn’t even lift when swimming four times a week.

Genii™ Flange Extenders - Susannah

The extenders have literally changed my life. I was extremely allergic to every other extender product and they would peel off at the edges. The Genii™ Flange Extender not only agrees with my skin, I can also manipulate it to work with my belly button. They do not peel at the edges and I can re-stick them if I need to.


Can I mix Genii™ ostomy seals and Genii™ flange extenders?

Yes, you don’t have to use the same type of seal all the time, we know your stoma varies so your products may need to vary too. Any combination of Trio® silicone products can be used depending on your needs and what works for you. Please call or email our Customer Services team for advice and guidance.

Can I shower whilst wearing Genii™ ostomy seals and Genii™ flange extenders?

Yes. Genii™ ostomy seals and flange extenders are non-absorbent and adhere well to the skin allowing the user to shower without fear of the water affecting adhesion.

Can I use Genii™ Flange Extenders on sore skin?

Yes. Genii™ Flange Extenders can be used on sore skin, offering protection from further damage and allowing the skin to heal naturally. Our flange extender is thin, conformable, allows skin to breathe and is gentle on removal.

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