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Do you struggle to sleep through the night, waking up to empty your bag?
Have you never had a good night’s sleep because you were worrying about leaks?

Sound familiar? That’s why we’ve created a life-changing gelling and odour control product and we want everyone to know about it.

Trio Pearls® Gelling and Odour Control Sachets help ostomates gain more control in managing liquid output from their stool. Pearls sachets are placed inside the ostomy pouch where the super absorbent gelling crystals get to work absorbing the excess fluid, turning the liquid inside your pouch into a gel that is thicker in consistency.

Absorbing the excess fluid also helps prevent liquid output from leaking underneath your wafer when lying down during the night. The lack of liquid prevents your filter from clogging and the formed gel avoids bulking by allowing you to flatten the contents of your bag.

Pearls don’t just help with liquid output, the organic compound in every sachet specifically targets odour, actively adsorbing odorous molecules and gases. This helps to overcome the fear and worry that this loss of bodily function has on every ostomate following stoma surgery… Pearls can give you the lifestyle you want in an amazing little sachet!

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Watch our application video for help with using Trio Pearls® or to see how our amazing little sachets work. If you still need further help, you can download our user guide below or call our Customer Care team for more advice and information.

Pearls review - Sara

From high output ileostomies to crazy fresh post surgical high output patients are so grateful for and love their Pearls!

the benefits of Trio Pearls

  • Prevents leaks by absorbing liquid

  • Prevents the filter from clogging helping to prolong its efficiency

  • Actively adsorbs odour

  • Makes your pouch more discreet by helping it to flatten more easily

  • Easier and less messy drainage than with liquid output

  • Gel does not stain clothes or the toilet

  • Gives security over long periods such as during the night

  • Perfect for use on long journeys, flights, social occasions such as parties, restaurants, theatre/cinema and active pursuits

  • Each tub contains 100 sachets


Trio Pearls are great for managing liquid output and controlling odour. If you have a high output stoma (1500ml per day), or have recently noticed an increase or significant change in your output, we always recommend you contact your stoma care nurse to discuss suitability.

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How do you use Trio Pearls® Gelling Sachets effectively?

Trio Pearls® Gelling and Odour Control Sachets are formulated to absorb the fluid in loose stool and form a gel inside the ostomy pouch helping prevent leaks associated with liquid output. The best way to use Pearls is to pop one in the top of your stoma bag during your bag change or once you’ve emptied a drainable bag, you can push a Pearls sachet up through the outlet (just make sure it’s all the way in and not caught in the fold).

What’s the difference between hydrocolloid and silicone?

Hydrocolloid is an absorbent material used in many ostomy products, it’s designed to absorb moisture and the more it absorbs the better it sticks. When used in ostomy, output and sweat can be absorbed by the hydrocolloid products and held against the skin, causing irritation and sore skin as well as causing the hydrocolloid to break down and lose integrity. Silicone maintains a good adhesion with skin but does not absorb waste making it kinder on skin and more hygienic. It’s hypoallergenic, so less likely to cause irritation, and the silicone in Trio products is also responsive, fitting and moving with your stoma and body to improve the fit.

How do I get Trio® products on prescription?

You can speak directly to your delivery service and ask them to switch your product, however some prefer for you to speak to a healthcare professional before changing products. In this case, speak to your stoma care nurse or GP to get your prescription updated.

How will Genii™ ostomy seals adhere to the skin if they are not absorbent?

Absorbency is a requirement of hydrocolloid to enable it to achieve adhesion, however silicone products are designed to adhere to the skin without the need to absorb liquid or body waste. This results in instant adhesion and keeps corrosive output and body fluids away from the skin providing a cleaner, more hygienic solution.

Can I shower whilst wearing Genii™ ostomy seals and Genii™ flange extenders?

Yes. Genii™ ostomy seals and flange extenders are non-absorbent and adhere well to the skin allowing the user to shower without fear of the water affecting adhesion.

Can I use Trio® silicone products on wet skin?

Most ostomy products will struggle to adhere to very wet skin. If your skin is very sore and wet, you should seek medical attention and take advice from your healthcare professional. However, if your skin is mild to moderately wet, you should prepare your skin as normal prior to any appliance or bag change, then apply the Trio product as normal. This includes washing and drying the skin and applying powder if necessary.

How long can I leave the Trio® silicone products on for?

Trio® silicone products are designed to remain on the skin, delivering their full benefits, until you are ready to change your appliance/bag. Trio’s custom formulated silicones do not break down in the presence of body fluids and are designed to remain on the skin for prolonged periods of time.

What happens if I appear to get skin irritation after I use Trio® silicone products?

It is important to note that silicone is chemically inert and unlikely to cause skin irritation. Silicone is used widely in all areas of healthcare for this exact reason. However, if you feel that irritation has occurred, remove the product in question from your skin and clean the skin thoroughly with clean, warm water only. If the irritation persists, then discontinue use and seek advice from either the Trio Customer Service helpline or your Stoma Care nurse. You may wish to patch test the product before use, by placing it on another area of the body to see if skin irritation occurs away from the stoma site.

How does the price compare to my current product - does it cost more?

Trio® silicone products have been priced in line with traditional hydrocolloid products to enable our advanced technologies to be delivered at an affordable price for ostomates and healthcare providers around the world. For individual product pricing, you can speak to our Customer Service team or your local distributor.

Do Trio® products contain alcohol or latex?

No. None of the Trio® silicone product range contains any alcohol or latex.

Can I get Trio® products from my normal supplier?

Yes, all Trio® silicone products are available from delivery companies and pharmacies in the UK and some EU countries. For more details, contact your normal supplier or email our customer services team at

Are these products available on UK NHS prescription?

Yes, all Trio® silicone products are available on prescription from your GP. Provide your GP with the relevant product code (found on the product page) to make it easier to find. For accuracy, we can also send you a prescription card with the product(s) you use selected for you to give to your GP. You then obtain the product through your usual provider (delivery company or pharmacy). For International customers, please contact your nearest stockist for local information.