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Genii™ Convex Ostomy Seals. Genius for preventing leaks.

Do you have scars, dips or uneven skin? Does your current flange or seal leave gaps around your stoma? Without a good fit you’re more likely to experience leaks and sore skin. We have the answer. Genii™ Convex Ostomy Seals fit smoothly into every nook and cranny to form a brilliant seal while creating a better spout to help contents come out. These soft, mildly convex seals are also highly flexible, so they’ll move with your body and stay snug all day long.

Our convex seals are versatile and can be applied in two ways, either convex side up or convex side down, so that gentle pressure can be applied to the stoma and provide a best fit to your body shape.

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Key features:

Genii™ Convex Ostomy Seals are made with unique Sil2 Breathable Silicone Technology® which draws any moisture that gets trapped under the flange back into your bag. This means any fluid that may otherwise compromise your seal is drawn back into your bag and your skin is free to function normally.



  • Provides a snug fit – hugs the stoma, filling dips and gaps

  • Creates a better spout – gently presses against skin and pushes your stoma out

  • Highly flexible – works with your body shape and responds to your every movement, day and night

  • Longer wear-time – won’t go mushy or breakdown in contact with bodily fluids

  • Protects skin from moisture allowing it to heal and remain healthy

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Not sure how to apply your favourite Genii Convex Ostomy Seal or need a step by step visual guide? Watch our product application video for more information.

Product name and code

Genii™ Convex Ostomy Seal – TR1020cx

Genii™ Convex Ostomy Seal – TR1030cx

*pack size 30

Product size

Small – 20mm-35mm

Large – 30mm-50mm


Do you need a Flat seal?

Genii™ ostomy seals are available in flat to suite all body types.

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Genii™ Convex Ostomy Seals - Alice

Cannot describe how good this amazing product is! I have got samples of the Genii™ Convex Ostomy Seals and I find them brilliant with my convex bags.

Genii™ Convex Ostomy Seals review - Stephanie

I want to say thank you for excellent service. I requested samples and also had follow up call. I can say that the convex rings have been a lifesaver product for me. I have changed my prescription to include these with my bag order. I have had no leaks since using these. Happy ostomate here!


Can I use the Genii™ convex ostomy seals if I don’t use a convex stoma bag?

Yes, Genii™ convex ostomy seals are designed to help support your appliance and prevent leaks. Genii™ convex ostomy seals are versatile and can be applied in two ways, either convex side up or convex side down so provide the best fit to your body shape.

How will Genii™ ostomy seals adhere to the skin if they are not absorbent?

Absorbency is a requirement of hydrocolloid to enable it to achieve adhesion, however silicone products are designed to adhere to the skin without the need to absorb liquid or body waste. This results in instant adhesion and keeps corrosive output and body fluids away from the skin providing a cleaner, more hygienic solution.

Are Genii™ ostomy seals difficult to remove?

No. The Genii™ ostomy seals remove easily in one piece for reduced risk of skin stripping. They also do not leave a sticky residue on the skin when removed.

Can I apply the Genii™ ostomy seals to my stoma bag?

We recommend that you apply directly around the stoma to ensure a good seal. You can view our application guides here.

Can I mix Genii™ ostomy seals and Genii™ flange extenders?

Yes, you don’t have to use the same type of seal all the time, we know your stoma varies so your products may need to vary too. Any combination of Trio® silicone products can be used depending on your needs and what works for you. Please call or email our Customer Services team for advice and guidance.

Can I reapply Genii™ ostomy seals once I have applied them?

Genii™ ostomy seals are designed to be able to be removed and reapplied without affecting adhesion.

Can I shower whilst wearing Genii™ ostomy seals and Genii™ flange extenders?

Yes. Genii™ ostomy seals and flange extenders are non-absorbent and adhere well to the skin allowing the user to shower without fear of the water affecting adhesion.

How do I remove Genii™ ostomy seals from their packaging?

Genii™ ostomy seals are moulded into the blister pack and we know sometimes ostomates aren’t sure how to remove them or have concerns about breaking them during removal. Once you have taken off the foil lid, to remove the seal easily you should hold the blister pack using the tab and with your thumb gently peel the edge of the seal towards the middle of the blister. Once the seal has released, using your thumb and forefinger carefully pull the seal from the blister. The seal is strong enough to be pulled free from the blister without tearing or damage. If you aren’t sure, take a look at our user guide page for visual step by step guidance here.

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