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We’re on a mission to help everyone improve the skin around their stoma. That’s why we regularly ask for people’s opinions. By listening to your first-hand experience, we can really get to the bottom of the stoma skincare challenges you face every day and make sure we continue to provide the products to combat them.

One fifth of people don’t know why they have sore skin

In a recent survey, we were saddened to learn that almost three quarters of respondents, an incredible 72%, said they suffer from stoma related skin problems. Most people reported issues such as irritation, redness and sore skin due to leaks or a reaction to the adhesive flange. But shockingly, a fifth of those surveyed didn’t know what could be causing their skin issues.

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Sore skin affects confidence, emotional well-being and mobility

Just over half of the ostomates we surveyed said sore skin affected them on a daily basis and impacted their day-to-day lives. 60% of the respondents said skin problems affect their confidence and 55% agreed their emotional well-being had been negatively impacted. It was also common for people to report that sore skin affected them physically, including their ability to exercise.

The emotional impact of skin problems weighs heavily

It was particularly concerning to learn how much having stoma skin problems affects people emotionally. Many felt like it was an endless cycle in that once their skin became sore it rendered the adhesive ineffective which of course means more leaks. Others reported regular pain and feelings of depression. Sadly, one third of respondents said skin problems affect them but they’ve just learned to live with it. We believe this doesn’t have to be the case and everyone has the right to healthy stoma skin.  

The right stoma bag can help to reduce red, sore skin

Most people choose a stoma bag based on a secure fit (88%) and how comfortable (76%) it is. But did you know the adhesive is also a key consideration when it comes to sore skin? All our products use Sil2 Breathable Silicone Technology® which allows your skin to breathe and helps to maintain a healthy skin environment around your stoma. It’s a feature of our new stoma bag, Genii™, which is being launched this year. Do give it a try if you can relate to any of the comments from our skin survey. Often, finding the right products can be life changing.

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These results are based on the responses we’ve received so far, which is helping us to continue to build a better picture of skin problems and how we can tackle them. Is itchy, red, sore skin a problem for you? Does it affect your confidence or mobility? Do you know why it’s happening and what to do about it?

Please fill in our short survey we’d love to hear from you, too!