Clinical Benefits

Clinical benefits of our new silicone technology when compared to traditional hydrocolloid products used in Ostomy products and accessories

Traditional hydrocolloid adhesives and materials are common place in Ostomy Care, and have found use in wafers, barriers, ostomy collection bags, pastes and fillers.  The primary objectives being secure leak-free adhesion.  Hydrocolloids have been the only products available until recently where innovation and technological advances now bring silicone gel adhesives into the ostomy arena.

The adhesion of medical appliances and accessories to skin has long been a paradoxical situation.  In order to prevent leakage, strong adhesion to skin is required.  The paradox being that having a stoma is more often than not a long-term clinical condition and the use of strong adhesives can and often does lead to skin stripping leading to damage to the outer layers of skin. (stratum corneum)

Silicone gel adhesives offer an answer to the adhesion issues and reduce skin stripping that lead to sore skin conditions.

Comparison of Hydrocolloid & Silicone

Attribute Hydrocolloid adhesion Silicone adhesion
First tack adhesion Low initial first tack. Adhesion builds over time. Instant secure adhesion, but soft enough to allow removal & re-positioning.
Comfort Stiffer materials soften with wear and warming. The silicone formulations are soft & conformable to body shape and contour.
Absorption Hydrocolloid absorbs large amounts of stomal effluent (faeces /urine) which becomes trapped in the adhesive and held to the skin. Absorption controlled and much less than hydrocolloid. The effluent is channelled into the bag and not held against the skin.
Erosion Through absorption the hydrocolloid formulation erodes over time and breaks down. The silicone formulation does not break down and holds shape and structure and this can extend wear time.
Removal The adhesion is tight to the skin and removal may be traumatic and cause damage to surface layers of skin. The adhesion is light and soft and removal is atraumatic.
Residues on removal Leave residue that need to be cleaned away which may cause surface skin damage. Silicones adhesives remove in one piece with minimal skin residues.
Safety / biocompatibility Long established material and good safety profile. Excellent choice of biomaterial safe, stable & inert. Well established and used in many & varied device types.