Siltac® Silicone Barrier Seals - Trio Ostomy & Stoma Care

Is the skin around your stoma and underneath your current seal sore and red?
Do you experience regular leaks due to gaps between your stoma and bag?

Sound familiar? That’s why we’ve found an alternative to traditional hydrocolloid seals that is kinder to skin and we want everyone to know about it.

Trio Siltac® Silicone Ostomy Seals are made with Sil2™ Breathable Silicone Technology™.

Sil2™ supports the skin’s natural barrier function and allows the skin around your stoma to breathe and heal by protecting it from irritants.

Siltac is quick and easy to apply; simply stretch the silicone seal around your stoma and Siltac will return to its natural shape to provide a snug and comfortable fit. This custom fit means skin is immediately protected and closes any gaps that could cause leaks. Siltac’s flexibility can comfortably respond to the changing size and shape of your stoma throughout the day and night.

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Product name and code

Siltac 1 – TR1020

Siltac 2 – TR1028

Siltac 3 – TR1035

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Watch our application video for help with applying your Trio Siltac® Ostomy Seals. If you still need further help, you can download our user guide below or call our Customer Care team for more advice and information.

Siltac review - Annie

I’ve just tried a sample of the silicone seals and I am amazed at how much easier they are to use than the ones I’m currently using, which seem to stick to everything except where they’re supposed to, rip, and I have to cut off the excess when I’ve tried to get as close to my stoma as I can. Trio Siltac was incredible! It keeps its shape and doesn’t rip, and goes on so easily. I think I may have one that slightly too small, but I really love it, and I’ll definitely order some (in the bigger size) when I put my next order through.

the benefits of Trio Siltac

  • Flexible and stretchy – providing a custom fit whatever the size or shape of stoma
  • No absorption of body waste – allows the seal to maintain its integrity (no gooey mush here!) and improved hygiene
  • Allowing skin around the stoma to breathe – no build-up of sweat
  • Protects that “at risk” skin between the stoma and ostomy wafer
  • Sticks to nearly all skin instantly – allowing for quick bag changes
  • Removes in one piece – doesn’t break down (unlike hydrocolloids), removal is easy and without damaging the skin or leaving any residue

Available in 3 sizes: 20mm-28mm, 28mm-35mm and 35mm-44mm.
Each pack contains 30 seals.


What’s the difference between hydrocolloid and silicone?

Hydrocolloid is an absorbent material used in many ostomy products, it’s designed to absorb moisture and the more it absorbs the better it sticks. When used in ostomy, output and sweat can be absorbed by the hydrocolloid products and held against the skin, causing irritation and sore skin as well as causing the hydrocolloid to break down and lose integrity. Silicone maintains a good adhesion with skin but does not absorb waste making it kinder on skin and more hygienic. It’s hypoallergenic, so less likely to cause irritation, and the silicone in Trio products is also responsive, fitting and moving with your stoma and body to improve the fit.

How do I get Trio® products on prescription?

You can speak directly to your delivery service and ask them to switch your product, however some prefer for you to speak to a healthcare professional before changing products. In this case, speak to your stoma care nurse or GP to get your prescription updated.

How will Trio® silicone seals adhere to the skin if they are not absorbent?

Absorbency is a requirement of hydrocolloid to enable it to achieve adhesion, however silicone products are designed to adhere to the skin without the need to absorb liquid or body waste. This results in instant adhesion and keeps corrosive output and body fluids away from the skin providing a cleaner, more hygienic solution.

Can I shower whilst wearing Trio® products?

Yes. Trio® silicone products are non-absorbent and adhere well to the skin allowing the user to shower without fear of the water affecting adhesion.

Can I use Trio® silicone products on wet skin?

Most ostomy products will struggle to adhere to very wet skin. If your skin is very sore and wet, you should seek medical attention and take advice from your healthcare professional. However, if your skin is mild to moderately wet, you should prepare your skin as normal prior to any appliance or bag change, then apply the Trio product as normal. This includes washing and drying the skin and applying powder if necessary.

How long can I leave the Trio® silicone products on for?

Trio® silicone products are designed to remain on the skin, delivering their full benefits, until you are ready to change your appliance/bag. Trio’s custom formulated silicones do not break down in the presence of body fluids and are designed to remain on the skin for prolonged periods of time.

How do I remove Trio Siltac® and Trio Silvex® seals from their packaging?

Trio Siltac and Silvex silicone seals are moulded into the blister pack and we know sometimes ostomates aren’t sure how to remove them or have concerns about breaking them during removal. Once you have taken off the foil lid, to remove the seal easily you should hold the blister pack using the tab and with your thumb gently peel the edge of the seal towards the middle of the blister. Once the seal has released, using your thumb and forefinger carefully pull the seal from the blister. The seal is strong enough to be pulled free from the blister without tearing or damage. If you aren’t sure, take a look at our user guide page for visual step by step guidance or watch our application videos here.

What happens if I appear to get skin irritation after I use Trio® silicone products?

It is important to note that silicone is chemically inert and unlikely to cause skin irritation. Silicone is used widely in all areas of healthcare for this exact reason. However, if you feel that irritation has occurred, remove the product in question from your skin and clean the skin thoroughly with clean, warm water only. If the irritation persists, then discontinue use and seek advice from either the Trio Customer Service helpline or your Stoma Care nurse. You may wish to patch test the product before use, by placing it on another area of the body to see if skin irritation occurs away from the stoma site.

Can I mix the Trio Siltac® & Silvex® seals?

Yes, you don’t have to use the same type of seal all the time, we know your stoma varies so your products may need to vary too. Any combination of Trio® silicone products can be used depending on your needs and what works for you. Please call or email our Customer Services team for advice and guidance.

How does the price compare to my current product - does it cost more?

Trio® silicone products have been priced in line with traditional hydrocolloid products to enable our advanced technologies to be delivered at an affordable price for ostomates and healthcare providers around the world. For individual product pricing, you can speak to our Customer Service team or your local distributor.

Are the Trio® seals difficult to remove?

No. The Trio® seals remove easily in one piece for reduced risk of skin stripping. They also do not leave a sticky residue on the skin when removed.

Will the Trio® seals break down under my flange or pouch?

Trio® silicone seals are designed not to break down in the presence of body fluids to provide you with better skin protection and potentially longer wear times of your appliance/bag.

Do Trio® products contain alcohol or latex?

No. None of the Trio® silicone product range contains any alcohol or latex.

Can I get Trio® products from my normal supplier?

Yes, all Trio® silicone products are available from delivery companies and pharmacies in the UK and some EU countries. For more details, contact your normal supplier or email our customer services team at

Can I apply the seals to my pouch/wafer/flange first?

We recommend that you apply directly around the stoma to ensure a good seal. You can view our application videos here or download our user guide here.

Can I reapply the seals once I have applied them?

Trio® Silicone seals are designed to be able to be removed and reapplied without affecting adhesion.

Are these products available on UK NHS prescription?

Yes, all Trio® silicone products are available on prescription from your GP. Provide your GP with the relevant product code (found on the product page) to make it easier to find. For accuracy, we can also send you a prescription card with the product(s) you use selected for you to give to your GP. You then obtain the product through your usual provider (delivery company or pharmacy). For International customers, please contact your nearest stockist for local information.