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Trio Elite® Sting Free Adhesive Remover

Do your ostomy appliances tug on the skin surrounding your stoma on removal? Has this left skin red, sore and itchy? Have all other adhesive removers stung on application? If so, the Trio Elite® Sting Free Adhesive Remover spray and wipes could be what you need to speed up your bag change routine and care for the skin around your stoma.

Made from a silicone formula, the Trio Elite® spray utilises a directional spray pattern to ensure that the area below your ostomy appliance is fully covered and no wastage is caused. The formula then gets to work and weakens the tough adhesive used on your ostomy appliance for a pain-free removal. It does all of this without the use of traditional propellants, which can sting when applied to damaged skin.

The Trio Elite® wipes are then used to prepare the skin around your stoma for the application of your next ostomy appliance. It does this by ensuring no residue remains on the skin and therefore provides a clean, dry service for your ostomy appliance to stick to.

  • Chris on Trio Elite®

    Previous adhesive removers had been wasteful and left Chris' skin feeling sore and itchy throughout the day.

    Now with Trio Elite®, his adhesive remover lasts longer and leaves skin feeling fresh and soothed.  
  • Caroline on Trio Elite®

    With an incredibly active lifestyle as a triathlete, Caroline had been searching for a quick acting adhesive remover for a number of years.

    Now with Trio Elite®, her bag change routine is quicker and her skin no longer undergoes strain when removing her ostomy appliances.  
  • An Introduction to Trio Elite®

    The silicone based formula of Trio Elite®helps you remove ostomy appliances in seconds.

    It's gentle mist is admitted through a directional spray, allowing you to avoid waste dramatically.  

What Are the Benefits of Trio Elite®?

At the heart of every Trio Ostomy Care product are a number of life-enhancing benefits. Each of these benefits are a result of extensive development and are often missing from other adhesive removers available today, making Trio Elite® truly unique. The benefits of the Trio Elite® spray and wipes include:


  • Uses directional spray – covers all necessary skin without wastage
  • Breaks down adhesive quickly – allows pain-free removal of ostomy appliance
  • Does not use traditional propellants – will not sting when applied to skin
  • Prepares skin for the next application – ensures no residue or wetness remains on skin

Why Use Silicone?

The Trio Elite® Sting Free Adhesive Remover spray and wipes use a unique silicone formula, developed over several years, that gets to work quickly whilst not damaging your already fragile skin.

Unlike other adhesive removers, this silicone formula does not use traditional propellants, which often sting on application and leave skin sore and itchy. This allows your skin to heal whatever the strength of the adhesive remover used on your ostomy appliance.

Due to its quick drying capabilities, the silicone formula used in the Trio Elite® spray and wipes will not impact the adhesion of the next ostomy appliance. This means you can be assured of security throughout the day.

Request your sample of Trio Elite® online today to try silicone for yourself. Alternatively, discover how silicone compares to other ostomy care products in more detail here.