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Trio Silken® Silicone Stoma Gel

Is the skin surrounding your stoma uneven? Does constant fear of leaks stop you from even the simplest of activities? Have all other stoma gels left you with a messy residue to remove? If so, the Trio Silken® Silicone Stoma Gel could be what you need to live a worry-free life again and have quick, clean bag change routines that don’t leave skin sore.

Developed with Responsive Silicone® Technology, Trio Silken® will provide you with an even surface to apply your ostomy appliance on securely by filling skin folds and creases on the skin around your stoma. This, therefore, helps stop small leaks of body waste or gas from escaping.

Unlike dated ostomy gels, Trio Silken®’s silicone formula does not absorb body waste and allows skin to breathe and therefore not sweat. This prevents it from breaking down throughout the day and leaves you with a hygienic strip that can be removed in one piece. What’s more, on removal Trio Silken® does not aggressively tug on skin to cause soreness.

What Are the Benefits of Trio Silken®?

Every Trio Ostomy Care product provides you with a selection of life-enhancing benefits. Each of these benefits are a result of years of development and are often not provided by other stoma gels available today, making Trio Silken® truly unique. The benefits of Trio Silken® include:

  • Creates an even skin surface – prevents leakage of body waste and gas
  • Does not absorb body waste – delivers longer usage and improved hygiene
  • Remains soft and flexible – allows natural movement of the skin
  • Removes in one piece – will not leave a sticky, difficult to remove residue
  • Does not rely on heat or air to solidify – uses the skin’s natural moisture to turn into ‘rubbery’ gel
  • Solidifies slowly – will remain soft until the skins gaps and creases have been filled

What is Responsive Silicone® Technology?

The Trio Silken® Silicone Stoma Gel uses patented Responsive Silicone® Technology that has been developed a number of years to provide you with the highest level security and comfort to get through every day.

Unlike traditional hydrocolloid ostomy care products, silicone doesn’t absorb sweat from the skin around your stoma or body waste that may leak. Because of this, silicone ostomy care products maintain their integrity for longer and therefore maintain adhesion.

With no sweat or body waste being absorbed, silicone ostomy care products are also more hygienic than hydrocolloid products. This prevents infections in the skin around your stoma and calms irritated skin.

Ostomy care products manufactured with Responsive Silicone® Technology also offer unique flexibility. This allows you to enjoy the comfort you deserve and need to partake in the excitement of daily life.

Request your sample of Trio Silken® online today to experience Responsive Silicone® Technology for yourself. Alternatively, discover how silicone compares to other ostomy care products here.