User Reviews

Since we launched the new range of Trio products, the positive response has been phenomenal. We set ourselves the challenge of developing products that were not just ‘better’ than the current products available to you, but were truly revolutionary. At the same time, we needed to take an approach that would not mean a lot of ‘change’ for existing ostomates comfortable with their existing routine if not necessarily happy with it. The reviews below speak for themselves as to whether we have achieved our aims. If you would like to try the products for yourself, please request your free samples here.

Trio Siltac®

I’ve just tried a sample of the silicone seals and I am amazed at how much easier they are to use than the ones I’m currently using, which seem to stick to everything except where they’re supposed to, rip, and I have to cut off the excess when I’ve tried to get as close to my stoma as I can.

Trio Siltac was incredible! It keeps its shape and doesn’t rip, and goes on so easily. I think I may have one that slightly too small, but I really love it, and I’ll definitely order some (in the bigger size) when I put my next order through.

Annie Berkeley-White

Trio Silvex®

Cannot describe how good this amazing product is! I have got samples of the Trio Silicone Convex Seals and I find them brilliant with my convex bags.

Alice Henry O’Toole

Trio Silken®

Wow! I had a tube of the Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel and all I can say is amazing. My surgical site is great now with no soreness, no leaks and what an amazing product.

Carol Smith

Trio Siltac®

Wonderful product that helps me a lot as an Ostomy sportsman from Holland. No more leaking bags. I feel much more secure using the Trio Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals.

Mark Cos

Trio Product Range

OMG! These are the most amazing products ever! They are durable, easy to use, and in ultra-modern packaging that screams appeal, uniqueness & individuality. It’s great to see something on the Ostomy market that does what it actually stipulates!

Philip Nicholson

Trio Silken®

Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel, what can I say? It is the best product ever! Keeps my skin protected, gives me a days more wear with my bags, is so kind to my skin and has the added bonus of being fun to peel off afterwards! Lovely friendly, helpful staff too.

Susan Maniquiz

Trio Product Range

Love this product. It cut my bag changing time by 30 minutes.

Sandra Farmer