Stoma Care Product Reviews - Trio Ostomy Care

Curious what other people think about our products? Some of our fantastic ostomates have provided feedback on our products, customer service and their experiences.

Product review - Philip

OMG! These are the most amazing products ever! They are durable, easy to use, and in ultra-modern packaging that screams appeal, uniqueness & individuality. It’s great to see something on the Ostomy market that does what it actually stipulates!

Silken review - Susan

Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel, what can I say? It is the best product ever! Keeps my skin protected, gives me a days more wear with my bags, is so kind to my skin and has the added bonus of being fun to peel off afterwards! Lovely friendly, helpful staff too.

Silvex review - Alice

Cannot describe how good this amazing product is! I have got samples of the Trio Silicone Convex Seals and I find them brilliant with my convex bags.

Siltac review - Mark

Wonderful product that helps me a lot as an Ostomy sportsman from Holland. No more leaking bags. I feel much more secure using the Trio Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals.

Silex review - Susannah

The extenders have literally changed my life. I was extremely allergic to every other extender product and they would peel off at the edges. The Trio extender not only agrees with my skin, I can also manipulate it to work with my belly button. They do not peel at the edges and I can re-stick them if I need to.

Pearls review - Sara

From high output ileostomies to crazy fresh post surgical high output patients are so grateful for and love their Pearls!