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The importance of keeping both your mind and body healthy cannot be stressed enough. Staying healthy can improve your mental health and is particularly important when recovering from stoma surgery as major weight gain or weight loss can affect appliance adhesion (and too much weight gain can increase the risk of developing a peristomal hernia). For those who want to get active, it can actually help you recover faster from your surgery as even basic activities such as going for a walk around the garden or to your local shop help to improve both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Gentle exercise such as yoga or pilates can be great for working on your strength, posture and flexibility but you should take care with anything involving lying on your stomach or any core work especially when you first start. If you have concerns, speak to your class instructor or healthcare professional.

To read the full A4 printable factsheet, please follow this link.

Published: 27th February 2019