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This year, Trio were proud to be accompanied to the ASCN 2018 Conference by one of our TriOstomates – Phillip. Here’s his story about experiencing Trio products for the first time and coming to ASCN with us.

“A few months ago, my phone rang and I immediately thought it was another cold call selling me something I didn’t want or need. But little did I know this call would be the most beneficial call I would take in August ever!

The call was from a member of the Trio Healthcare Team inviting me to the 2018 ASCN (Association Stoma Care Nurses) Annual Conference in Birmingham as a patient advocate/ambassador.

I had initially been introduced to Trio and their products about 18 months ago, they were very new to me and I had never seen or heard of them before despite being an ostomate for 15 years. At that time I had a set list of products that I used and honestly didn’t really want to change in fear of them being wrong for my skin after years of using the same products. But after being contacted by Lyne, a member of Trio’s customer care team, I decided to give the products a chance after several months of leakage and sore skin issues. On receiving some samples, I was immediately in awe of their design and durability and began trying them straight away, within a day I literally could have swung from the trees like Tarzan as my previous issues changed practically overnight!

My initial thoughts about the attending ASCN were: What is it? What would I have to do? Would they like me? But they were quickly dampened when I knew it would give me the opportunity to discuss these marvellous products with the attending nurses and other delegates and how they have truly changed my life. I did have a slight concern about travelling down by train and whether I would have issues using the toilets on the train, the hotel bed and being on the Trio stand all that time, but I had to be confident that Trio products would do their job. In a way, it was a mini trial for my big, upcoming trip to Australia.

When I received my train tickets I was nervous and excited. The big day came and before I knew it we were pulling into Birmingham New Street, which is a big and busy station. I jumped into a taxi (well more of a shuffle really as I may have slightly over-packed and my case was a little heavy) and headed for the ICC where the conference was being held. On arrival I was met with wall to wall displays from a vast number of ostomy suppliers, so I had to put on my blinkers and find the Trio stand.

A few minutes later I was met with a modern towering stand displaying in 14ft technicolor, the products that had given me the confidence to accept the invitation and be stood in this very room. The team quickly introduced themselves and I felt even further at ease. They were kind, friendly, approachable and a fun bunch of people to be with. It was all very exciting and I initially stood in the shadows as I watched them talk with the delegates but then it was like a light-bulb lit up in my brain and I approached Devina, who was demonstrating the Siltac Silicone Ring, and immediately took over by explaining how amazing and fabulous these rings made me feel and how much confidence they had given me. The nurses’ eyes began to light up as they heard first hand from a wearer how great they actually were. I discussed the durability, the strength, the feel, the process of application and they were genuinely impressed by the product. Throughout the conference, which took place over Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday daytime, I continued to talk in depth about the Siltac Rings, the Pearls Gelling Agent and the Elisse Barrier Spray, which are the Trio products I specifically use. I was also able to give some first-hand knowledge to the nurses about how revolutionary and fabulous the products are.

My nerves were instantly washed away when I arrived at the Trio stand for the first time and the experience was incredible. It was made even better by sharing it with people who were so friendly and understanding of what it’s like to be an ostomate. The Trio products I was using had really helped me to keep up with everyone without having to ‘nip off’ to check constantly.

Staying in the hotel was a little nerve wracking but it was totally fine in the end, I just relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was made all the more enjoyable by knowing that I was being silently carried along by silicone ready to jump into action and fight my corner should the occasion arise.

I really learnt a lot about the different degrees of ostomy life, it can be a stress on life itself and is completely life changing. Back in 2001 I felt like I was in a crowded room with lots of people talking at once but it was like I had cotton wool in my ears not hearing them at all. The last few months have been made easy by Trio and their products and I will tell you this, do not hesitate if you’re having any issues with your current items. The team are incredibly helpful and will do everything in their power to help where they can which is is exactly what they did with me…. TRIO ARE TREMENDOUS!”

Published: 8th October 2018

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