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Trio Siltac® - silicone ostomy seal
- skin friendly protection

To date, you have had a limited choice in ostomy seals for your stoma care. All current products comprise of a hydrocolloid formulation. All current products therefore suffer from the same set of problems. Our new silicone technology based products solve those problems.

Hydrocolloid seals or rings absorb moisture (and body waste!). As the hydrocolloid ‘swells’ the seal around the stoma becomes better. Level of absorption therefore becomes one of the most important attributes of a hydrocolloid seal for stoma care. Trio Siltac® is a soft silicone ostomy seal that works completely differently. It does not absorb moisture or body waste; for the first time you can have a clean and hygienic seal.

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Trio Silvex® - silicone convex seal
- skin friendly protection

Designed with the wearer in mind, Trio Silvex® offers a soft silicone seal for use when mild convexity is required. The skin-friendly, soft silicone gel allows for greater comfort whilst providing instant adhesion and a perfect custom fit.

Trio Silvex® will stretch around your stoma filling creases and contours through close conformity, reducing any gaps between the skin and the seal where effluent can escape.

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Trio Silex® - silicone flange extender
- skin friendly protection

When extra adhesion and enhanced protection against leakage is required, Trio Silex® soft silicone flange extender is your product of choice. Designed to ensure the edges of your base plate do not lift, but instead are kept securely in place, Trio Silex® is probably the most flexible and secure ostomy fixation device available.

With its instant, high-tack, soft silicone gel adhesive, Trio Silex® will allow for significantly more freedom of body movement than hydrocolloid products. This is due to its very thin profile and flexible construction. For use on either one or two-piece ostomy appliances, keeping your base plate secure can mean longer wear times, greater comfort and peace of mind.

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Trio Silken® - silicone stoma gel
- skin friendly protection

Have you ever wished that you could remove your hydrocolloid paste or strip in one piece leaving no residue? We thought you should be able to, so we developed Trio Silken®.

Trio Silken® is a silicone gel that is used to fill skin folds, creases and uneven areas around the peristomal skin to provide a better surface for the application of an ostomy appliance. Unlike hydrocolloid pastes or strips, Trio Silken® will not absorb moisture or body waste and will not break down, leaving you with a difficult and messy substance to remove. Instead, as wear time progresses, Trio Silken® cures to a single piece of silicone adhesive that removes in one piece when fully cured.

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Trio Elite® - sting free adhesive remover

When quick, painless and atraumatic removal of medical adhesives from skin is required.

The next generation of silicone medical adhesive removers has arrived! A new 100% silicone formulation that has been carefully designed for you. Trio Elite® does not use a traditional propellant and will not feel cold when coming in contact with your skin. Spraying at any angle, with a gentle action, Trio Elite® has a controlled & directional spray pattern for longer lasting use* Elite by name, Elite by nature.

The new, proven, silicone-based technology of Elite® releases adhesive dressings in seconds. Now you can easily remove dressings without causing pain or trauma.

Ostomy Care - pouches

Ensuring a good seal between the ostomy wafer and the skin is essential to preventing leakage. The strong adhesives necessary to achieve this can cause pain and trauma on removal often damaging your peri-stomal skin. Trio Elite® can release even high –tack adhesives quickly & efficiently.

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Wound Care – dressings and fixation devices.

The new, 100% silicone technology of Trio Elite® will painlessly remove dressings, tapes and fixation devices without causing trauma to the skin.

Trio Elite® is hypoallergenic and the aerosol even sprays at any angle!

Trio Elisse® - sting free skin barrier

All silicone protection.. Sometimes, your skin needs a little help.

Skin is the largest organ of your body and usually provides an excellent barrier function. For many people however, keeping skin healthy becomes a daily challenge. Using the latest in silicone technology, Trio Elisse™ has been carefully developed to protect skin from irritation caused by the damaging effects of adhesives and body fluids. The next generation of silicone liquid skin barriers has arrived!

Ostomy Care - pouches

The soothing and hypoallergenic Trio Elisse™ formulation creates a breathable and durable barrier between the wafer and skin. Due to the unique & innovative formulation, Trio Elisse™ will sooth reddened and sore skin and reduce itching. Trio Elisse™ will not cause any build up on the skin surface unlike some skin barriers. Use at every pouch change and feel the difference!

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Wound Care – dressings and fixation devices.

Peri-wound skin can become macerated and delicate. Trio Elisse™ sting free skin barrier is formulated to protect the skin from the damaging effects of exudates, enzyme attack and adhesives.

Trio Elisse™ soothes reddened and sore skin. Reduces itching!

Trio Pearls™ - gelling & odour control sachets

Trio Pearls® Super absorbent Gelling and Odour control Sachets have been carefully formulated to provide ostomates with loose stool, gain more control over the management of their ostomy and their lives.

Trio Pearls® can provide control by absorbing the fluid in loose stool, and gelling inside the pouch. The formed gel is thicker in consistency which helps to prevent leaks normally associated with liquid output; prevents the filter from clogging prolonging its efficiency; and avoids bulking by allowing the content to be flattened.

Trio Ostomy Care

The future of ostomy care has arrived…

Skin is the largest organ of your body and usually provides an excellent barrier function.

For many people however, keeping skin healthy becomes a daily challenge. Leakage, irritation, discomfort and lack of security are amongst the most common problems associated with today’s current ostomy care products. Trio’s new and advanced, silicone technology medical adhesive offers many benefits over traditional and rather outdated hydrocolloid medical adhesive and ostomy devices.

Ostomy care applications require robust medical adhesives that maintain adhesion in a challenging environment and in a location on the body that is seldom flat. Conventional silicone gels (as seen in wound care) do not allow the skin to breathe. However, Trio’s custom formulation of silicone gel medical adhesives overcome the limitations of conventional silicone gels – the future of ostomy care has arrived.

  • Trio joins the Hidden Disabilities Lanyard scheme

    Not all disabilities and illnesses are visible – some are not immediately obvious such as Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis or an Ostomy (amongst many others). Living with a hidden disability or illness can make daily life more challenging for many people, but it can be difficult for others to recognise, acknowledge or understand the challenges that you face.

    Trio Healthcare are supporting this vital initiative by providing lanyards to ostomates who need them. We are also providing support to nurses to encourage their hospital to recognise the lanyards and join the initiative.  
  • Trio wins Queen's Award for Innovation

    Trio Healthcare is extremely proud to have won the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise for the second time, this time in the Innovation category. The award is for our breakthrough patented silicone technology, which is improving the lives of ostomates around the world.

    Here the Trio team and some of Trio's patients talk about what winning the award means to the company and ostomates.  
  • Sandra on Trio Siltac®

    Following years of sickness, Sandra was left with sore skin around her stoma and a long bag change routine following the formation of her stoma.

    Now with Trio Siltac®, Sandra's got the confidence she needs to enjoy life with her children and her bag change routine is quicker than ever before.  
  • Chris on Trio Silex®

    Having been provided with the usual flange extenders following surgery, Chris was unable to move freely and comfortably.

    Now with Trio Silex®, Chris has got the confidence and comfort he needs to get on with his active lifestyle without any limitation.  
  • Chris on Trio Elite®

    Previous adhesive removers had been wasteful and left Chris' skin feeling sore and itchy throughout the day.

    Now with Trio Elite®, his adhesive remover lasts longer and leaves skin feeling fresh and soothed.