Trio Ostomy Care have worked tirelessly to not just repeat the same formula for making ostomy products, but to revolutionise the science behind them. We don’t need to tell you that leakage, irritation, discomfort and lack of security are amongst the most common problems associated with today’s current ostomy care products. All ostomy products to date have used the same (hydrocolloid) technology that has been used for years. Trio’s new and advanced silicone technology medical adhesive offers many benefits over the traditional and rather outdated hydrocolloid medical adhesive and ostomy devices.

Even conventional silicone gels (as seen across wound care) do not allow the skin to breathe. Fortunately for the first time ever, we have created a formulation of silicone gel medical adhesives that overcome the limitations of conventional silicone gels.

If you wish to see the specifications of our line of products, please click on the links below to see the relevant Product Information Sheets: