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Trio Elisse® Sting Free Skin Barrier

Is the daily application and removal of ostomy appliances taking its toll on the skin surrounding your stoma? Is that skin red, sore and itchy? Have all other skin barriers caused the skin to sweat and further irritation? If so, the Trio Elisse® Sting Free Skin Barrier could be what you need to protect peristomal skin whilst allowing it to breathe naturally.

Trio Elisse® uses a hypoallergenic silicone formula to build a barrier between your ostomy appliance and skin. In doing so, it protects the skin from the strain caused when removing your ostomy appliance. This barrier also protects skin from body waste, which can cause further damage if it comes into contact with already damaged skin.

Due to its formula Trio Elisse® also actively soothes skin when applied, helping to stop soreness and itchiness over time. As it doesn’t cause a build up on the skin like other skin barriers, you won’t have to aggressively wipe your peristomal skin clean.

  • Chris on Trio Elite®

    Previous adhesive removers had been wasteful and left Chris' skin feeling sore and itchy throughout the day.

    Now with Trio Elite®, his adhesive remover lasts longer and leaves skin feeling fresh and soothed.  
  • Caroline on Trio Elite®

    With an incredibly active lifestyle as a triathlete, Caroline had been searching for a quick acting adhesive remover for a number of years.

    Now with Trio Elite®, her bag change routine is quicker and her skin no longer undergoes strain when removing her ostomy appliances.  

What Are the Benefits of Trio Elisse®?

Like all Trio Ostomy Care products, Trio Elisse® offers you with a handful of life enhancing benefits. These benefits are all made possible following years of development in partnership with patients and clinicians, which make Trio Elisse® truly unique when compared to other skin barriers available today. The benefits of the Trio Elisse® Sting Free Skin Barrier include:


  • Protects skin from strain – builds a barrier between peristomal skin and ostomy appliances
  • Prevents skin damage– stops body waste coming into contact with damaged skin
  • Allows skin to breathe naturally – will not cause a build up of sweat
  • Soothes irritated skin – unique formula calms red and itchy peristomal skin

Why Use Silicone?

The Trio Elisse® Sting Free Skin Barrier uses a unique silicone formula developed over many years in partnership with patients and clinicians to bring life-enhancing benefits to ostomates around the world.

Unlike other skin barriers available today, this silicone formula is hypoallergenic and allows skin to breathe naturally. It also actively soothes red and itchy skin throughout use, therefore allowing your peristomal skin to heal.

Request your sample of Trio Elisse® online today to try silicone for yourself. Alternatively, discover how silicone compares to other ostomy care products in more detail here.