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Trio Siltac®

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Do you find yourself having to aggressively mould your seal to fit your stoma? Have gaps left you experiencing regular leaks? Is the skin below your seal sore and red? If so, the Trio Siltac® Silicone Ostomy Seal could be what you need to speed up your bag change routine and prevent leakages.

With Responsive Silicone Technology at its heart and the ability to provide a truly custom fit, Trio Siltac® provides ostomates around the world with the added security and confidence they have desired since surgery.

Unlike dated hydrocolloid seals, Trio Siltac® will fit the shape of your stoma without the need for aggressive moulding and therefore prevent leakages whatever your lifestyle. What’s more, because of its silicone formulation Trio Siltac® does this whilst allowing the skin around your stoma to breath naturally and not sweat excessively.

Trio Siltac® has also been specially developed to not absorb moisture, such as sweat and body waste, throughout days of usage. This helps ensure it maintains its integrity and prevents skin damage caused by unhygienic hydrocolloid seals.

Gaps round the stoma exposing delicate sensitive skin
Responsive Silicone returns to its natural shape around the stoma, helping to remove gaps and protecting skin
  • Sandra on Trio Siltac®

    Following years of sickness, Sandra was left with sore skin around her stoma and a long bag change routine following the formation of her stoma.

    Now with Trio Siltac®, Sandra's got the confidence she needs to enjoy life with her children and her bag change routine is quicker than ever before.  
  • Bill on Trio Siltac®

    After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1993, Bill had his life turned upside down with the formation of his stoma and living regular leaks.

    Now with Trio Siltac®, Bill's got the confidence he needs to visit the seaside and leaks are no longer a regular issue.  

The Benefits of Trio Siltac®

The Trio Siltac® Silicone Ostomy Seal provides you with an array of benefits. These each provide you with added security and confidence. The benefits of Trio Siltac include:


  • Flexible and stretchy formula – provides a truly custom fit for everybody’s stoma
  • Allowing peristomal skin to breath – doesn’t cause a build up of sweat
  • Doesn’t absorb body waste – allows for a hygienic seal that maintains its integrity
  • Sticks to skin instantly – allows for quick bag changing and added security
  • Removes in one piece – leaves no residue and removes without stripping peristomal skin

Why Choose Responsive Silicone® Technology?

The Trio Siltac® Silicone Ostomy Seal uses patented Responsive Silicone® Technology that has been developed over several years to provide you with uncompromised security and comfort.

Unlike dated hydrocolloid ostomy care products, silicone doesn’t absorb sweat from the skin surrounding your stoma or body waste. Because of this, silicone ostomy care products maintain their integrity throughout days of usage and therefore maintain adhesion.

With no sweat or body waste being absorbed, silicone ostomy care products also offer a more hygienic alternative to hydrocolloid products. This helps avoid damage to the skin surrounding your stoma and calm existing red, sore skin.

Ostomy care products manufactured with Responsive Silicone® Technology also provide unique flexibility. This allows ostomates to enjoy the comfort they deserve and need to partake in the excitement of life.

Request your sample of Trio Siltac® online today to experience Responsive Silicone® Technology for yourself. Alternatively, discover how silicone compares to other types of ostomy care products here.