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Are you thinking of getting away?

Going on holiday is one of the simple pleasures in life and it needn’t be spoiled if you have a stoma. Whether you fancy a break by the beach or an active holiday in the hills, here are some top tips for brilliant trip.

Travelling to hot countries

We all love hot, sunny weather. Make sure you can enjoy it fully by being prepared for the heat. Sweating can compromise your bag’s adherence, so you might choose to pack some stoma paste or additional products designed to form a better seal, like for example flange extenders. Also, make sure that you stay fully hydrated with plenty of water. Fresh fruit, such as watermelon, can also help to top your levels up.

Changing in tight spaces

Airplane toilets aren’t designed for changing a stoma bag. Stay one step ahead by having your changing bag packed and accessible in your hand luggage. If you don’t have your supplies pre-cut by your delivery company, remember to pre-cut your flanges before you board as scissors aren’t allowed in the cabin. Make sure any adhesive removers are non-flammable and any liquids are below the recommended 100ml allowance. You can order extra stoma supplies for your case to make sure you don’t run out while on holiday. Always take twice as much as you think you will need. Your stoma nurse may be able to provide contact details of a local stoma care nurse in case of any problems.

The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

If you’re travelling abroad, collect a Sunflower Lanyard from the airport help desk before you fly. This useful scheme was developed to help people living with hidden disabilities to travel smoothly through the airport. It instantly tells staff you may have additional needs and means there won’t be any embarrassing questions or overt searching of your travel bags. Your GP and some stoma companies also issue travel certificates that will explain to staff why you need a stoma bag.


As an ostomate, you’re entitled to the use of a RADAR Key. These special keys open over 10,000 locked disabled toilets in the UK, which means you’ll never have to wait in a queue if you need to use facilities in a hurry. You can buy one online (make sure it’s the official N&C Phlexicare key) or get one from your local authority. In Europe, this is called a Eurokey. To access one, you’ll need to send proof of your condition to a company called CBF Darmstadt.

Wherever you choose to go on holiday, with a little bit of preplanning, you can have everything in place to have the break you deserve at home or away.