Finding products to suit your stoma - Trio Healthcare

Take your time finding the right stoma bag for you.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred stoma bag, your stoma nurse will also talk you through a range of additional products which might be useful depending on the shape and size of your stoma.

Just as there are different ways your stoma can be formed, there are different sizes and shapes of stoma, too. You may have a round or oval stoma. It could be large or small. It may stick out a little or a lot, or your stoma may not protrude at all. In some cases your stoma may be completely flat and flush with the skin.  This will be important when it comes to choosing and finding the right stoma bag and any accessories that you may need.

If your stoma is irregular in shape or you have uneven skin around it, you might choose to use an additional product combined with your bag to create a better seal between your skin and the adhesive flange. These include ostomy seals, flange extenders and ostomy paste.

When stomas are flat, inverse or don’t protrude very much, you might find it difficult to attach the flange to your skin. That’s when your stoma nurse may recommend  a convex stoma bag or a convex seal.

When removing your bag, you may like to use an adhesive remover  spray or wipes to remove any residue that has collected around your stoma. Barrier sprays and wipes can then be used to form a protective barrier between your flange and skin. Finally, to help you feel clean and fresh, you could try an oudour control spray or sachets.

All of this will be explained to you following your stoma surgery. In the first few months it’s worth experimenting with stoma bags and additional products to see what works for you.

Did you know?


  • Stomas get smaller for the first 4-6 weeks after surgery
  • Gaining or losing weight can change the size and shape of your stoma
  • Stomas can fluctuate by as much as 4mm at various times
  • Getting the size right can increase wear time and protect your skin