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Meet Val

This month we meet Val, who had her end colostomy formed in 2018 after she became paraplegic. As Val became more active after surgery, she started to worry about leaks and began limiting where she went just in case until she found Trio!

“Following becoming paraplegic, I had my end colostomy formed in March 2018 when I was 38.  Once Rudolf (my affectionate name for my stoma!) had settled down, it receded slightly. With the guidance of a lovely stoma nurse I tried several different styles and types of bags, eventually settling on Coloplast Sensura Mio one piece convex.  At the same time as beginning to use these bags, I was sent some Trio samples to try including both the Elite adhesive remover and the Elisse skin barrier spray. 

Discovering Trio

The Elite adhesive remover was much more effective on removing the bag, so I needed to use less of it than the previous brand I had been using which was really useful. However, the real difference came with the Elisse skin barrier spray. I had noticed that as I became more active following my stoma being formed, I was finding my bag, no matter how much I warmed it before applying it, was beginning to not stick as well. This led me to worry about leaks when I went out.  As I was concerned about this, I found I was limiting myself as to where I went in case it did actually leak. The Elisse skin barrier however proved a game changer. It left a noticeably sticky residue on my skin once it had been applied. Not only did this protect my skin really well, leaving me no skin issues at all, it also meant that the same colostomy bags I was using that had started coming away were now sticking perfectly. I had regained the confidence to go out and not have to worry about my bag. The freedom this gave me was a delight and I can now go out and do anything that my friends do knowing my colostomy products do not impede me in the slightest. I still warm my bag before I apply it (even with the barrier spray) as you can never be too careful!!!

Although I love the adhesive remover and skin barrier sprays, I realised I wanted to keep an ’emergency change’ in my handbag.  I don’t have room for spray cans in my handbag, so I asked for a sample of both the products in a wipe form instead. Thankfully, the wipes (both adhesive remover and skin barrier) were just as good as the spray versions and much more convenient when out and about. I am so grateful for the confidence that I have as a result of Trio products and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone!”

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