Vicky’s Experience with Elisse - Trio Healthcare

One of our patient’s recently approached us as she was struggling to get Trio Elisse Skin Barrier onto her prescription, despite it being the best barrier spray for her skin. She kindly agreed to let us share the story of her struggle….

“I really wanted to share some very positive experiences I’ve had recently as I feel that it’s important to acknowledge great companies that can positively enrich our lives as ostomates. I’m curious by nature and I personally feel that taking control of my medication and skin care gives me a sense of control and ownership of my condition, so its vitally important.

I recently received a goody bag of samples from Trio Healthcare. Now I love Trio for a variety of reasons, as if the products themselves weren’t already fantastic, their customer support has excelled any expectations I could have had and the knowledge and genuine empathy around all of my needs has cemented my loyalty to them.

The Elisse barrier spray far exceeded my expectations, so much so that I wanted to make it part of my preventative skin care regime. However, my GP had other ideas and, somewhat tentatively, I felt that I explored the GP suggestions fully in order to bring me back to my original decision that the Trio products were indeed the best choice for me. Let’s be clear that we are all individual and it’s subjective how one person feels about a product. For me, the holistic support I received about a patient’s right to choose and the very balanced and factual support I had, reinforced just what a great company Trio are. I still had to make a formal complaint to the practice manager which thankfully resulted in a positive outcome for me.

Long story short I now have the barrier spray on my prescription and quite rightly so, to feel supported as I was by Trio is a wonderful thing, however it disappointed me that my GP did not support me in such a positive way. I love the NHS, it saved my life and I have had outstanding care for nearly two years that I can’t fault, but sadly my GP practice is a weak link in the chain. Fortunately, I was encouraged to pursue my needs by Trio Healthcare. It’s nothing short of frustrating to have your life enriched by a product only to have it snatched away again. I’m grateful that I was able to get to this point and have the courage of my convictions to be able to push innovation and try this.

Speak as you find, what’s right for me isn’t right for you, but it might be. There are so many reasons I feel Trio Healthcare is deserving of a gold star but mostly they really seem like a company who want the best for their clients and actually back that up with their support. Let’s be grown up they have a vested interest in this, but the counterbalance is that they really are enriching the lives of ostomates with their innovation and support. For me, this deserves some recognition and I thank them, from the bottom of my heart.”

Published: 28th December 2018

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