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Work is a major part of many people’s lives and going back to work after surgery can particularly daunting. It’s important to remember you’re still the same person as before your surgery so your ability to do your job is unlikely to have changed. It is perfectly normal to find it difficult as you will be trying to get used to your new “normal” as well as get back into the routine of work. You don’t need to tell anyone at work if you don’t want to, although it may help to have a trusted colleague to talk to if you face difficulties or to help if problems arise.

Some people worry about going back to work soon particularly if their job is very physical as this may put pressure on their stoma management or lead to leaks. Remember to be prepared and always carry spare bags and products with you for emergency bag changes.

To read the full A4 printable factsheet, please follow this link.

Published: 24th April 2019