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Living with an ostomy varies for every ostomate. The changes to lifestyle can be dramatic or fairly light. But there will be changes. Life can still be very rewarding and full though. Finding the best ways of doing things and using the best products and services helps.

Some of the greatest challenges in improving life with an ostomy is around the difficulties of keeping appliances well sealed. Along with that comes dealing with skin irritation and leakage issues. Nearly all of the seals and sealants available on the market today are hydrocolloid based. These have the problem of absorption of bodily waste, which results in skin irritation and difficulty of removal. The result can be extreme discomfort.

There are also products available that are silicone based. The silicone based gels available from most suppliers are very good at sealing and moisture repelling, but do not allow the skin to breathe properly. This can result in irritation as well.

Living with an ostomy can be made better and healthier though. Trio Ostomy Care has developed a custom formulation of silicone based products that not only provide the better seal and easier removal of conventional silicone products, but unlike other products do allow the skin to breathe. This provides a great seal, easy removal and far less risk of irritation.

Please use our free sample request form on this site and give us a try. You’ll find living with an ostomy is less difficult!

Published: 9th December 2014

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