Bill on Trio Siltac®

Bill has lived with a stoma since 1994, but it’s only since trying one of Trio Ostomy Care’s silicone ostomy seals he’s experience true security and comfort. This is due to Trio Siltac®’s ability to withstand the moisture surrounding the stoma without breaking down.


Alison on Trio Siltac®

Following an emergency ileostomy, Alison was left with regular leaks and little confidence. However, with the use of Trio Silken® and Trio Siltac® Alison now has the freedom to live life to the full and in comfort.


Chris on Trio Elisse®

With an permanent ileostomy, Chris has always dreamed of finding a skin barrier that protects his peristomal skin without unnecessary wastage. That is exactly what Trio Elisse® provided him with.


Trio Siltac®

After trying multiple ostomy seals and living with daily leaks and bag changes Barbara discovered the Trio Siltac® Silicone Ostomy Seal. It’s custom fit, easy to apply nature and instant adhesion allowed her to live life with confidence.


Trio Siltac®

Natalie had multiple seals thrown at her to try and dispite trusting her insticts she had never found a seal that worked for her. Because of a slight dip below her stoma she had to mould and cut her hydrocolloid ostomy seals to fit. However, the adhession of her seals died off as she was cutting them.

Natalie then discoverd the Trio Siltac® Silicone Ostomy Seal. Unlike ostomy seals she had used previously Trio Siltac® provided her with enough stick to secure her bag to her stoma, whilst not leaving her skin sore and red on removal. All of which gave Natalie the self confidence and security she had always wanted.


Trio Siltac®

His wife had spent almost two year’s requesting samples of seals, flange extenders and gels. However, unfortunately for Alan none of these provided him with the secure, comfy and hygienic solution he had been searching for. This was until his wife requested his free samples of our Trio Siltac® Silicone Ostomy Seal.

Because of its responsive silicone technology the Trio Siltac® Silicone Ostomy Seal wasn’t impacted by body fluid or sweat. The seals, therefore, didn’t break down and lose their stick. Allowing Alan to have a leak free kick around with his grandchildren again.


Trio Siltac®

I was changing my bag every day. I had leaks all the time. At the start it was quite sore, so moulding the rings to my stoma was hard. After a year I went to an event and saw Trio and thought that looks different! I used the Trio Siltac ® Seal and my routine became 30 minutes less than what it was. With Trio there’s no scrubbing at my skin because they don’t swell when your output gets on them so they’re not causing any discomfort.

They just sit in one place. I take my bag off. The ring…there’s nothing on it. I take the ring off. One wipe and put a new bag on and that’s it

It really works well for me, especially with the kids cos’ we’re always on the go. I absolutely love them


Trio Silvex®

I have been using the Trio Silvex Silicone Convex Seals for some time now and they have turned my life around.

My initial reaction when I was asked to try them was one of I will give it a go but I did not have any expectations. I have tried numerous seals in the past and they have been quite disappointing in that they do not stay in place, they are uncomfortable to wear and they are hard and rough against the skin.  I have also had to fight to get into the packaging before I have been able to apply the seal to my skin.

This has now changed and has been a really positive experience as the Trio Silvex Silicone Convex Seals are easy to apply and the packaging is second to none.  Life is so much easier you just open the packet, pop the seal out and apply it to the skin.

The product itself is flexible, discreet and pliable.  No matter what shape your stoma is the seal allows you to mould it to the correct size.  I have found this particularly useful since I have undergone surgery as my stoma shape is changing all the time. Another advantage is that the seal stays in place and is soft against the skin.

UK Ostomate – 56 Year Old

Trio Silex®

I tried Silks-make flange extenders. Those are stiff when you first apply them and they are like leather after a day. Nearly un-usable. Hopeless. If you shower in them, there is so much “glue material” on these Silks-make extenders that it turns to “slime” under a shower, runs down your body and is difficult to remove. Not good.

I am a low-handicap golfer and put a lot of “stress” on my stoma flange and any extenders I’m using. Your silicone flange extenders are the only product I have used so far that will mould successfully over a peristomal hernia I have, and more importantly, stay there, even when taking part in sports. I would think this product will answer a lot of people’s prayers when they are attempting to take part in sports with a stoma.

Thank you. Great product.

Iorwerth Griffiths - Ireland

Trio Siltac®

I have been using the Trio Silicone products that were sent to me and Siltac 3 is amazing! I can’t believe the difference they have made. I have been able to keep my pouch on for two and a half days the first time in 18 years! For all the sores and pain I have been through over the past years, I cannot believe how in just a short time the Trio products have changed my life. I just can’t thank you enough.

John Piercy, Liverpool

Trio Silken®

“My name is Marion Atkinson. I have pseudomyxoma pertitonei (cancer of the peritoneum). I had my first operation in 2010 and a second in February 2014. In June 2014 I developed an infection which turned out to be a fistula. I use an ileostomy bag to collect the discharge from the fistula which is not healing. The bag sits over my laparotomy scar. I have problems with getting a good seal as the fistula is in a gully and my abdomen is not flat. I have tried different bags and many different pastes and seals. The discharge seems to eat through the pastes causing leakage.  Then I was given a sample of Silken stoma gel. This gel is more resistant to the faecal matter. I find it is easier to use than other pastes. It also comes away in one piece when I change the bag. It is the best solution to my problem and I would certainly recommend it.”

Marion Atkinson UK Ostomate

Trio Siltac®

“Siltac seals were sent to me to trial by Trio Healthcare after I requested them online and to be frank, initially I wasn’t sure because they were soft and not the same as I was used to.

When the time arrived for removal after several days use, my opinion changed. There appeared to be minimal residue and skin was in excellent condition. They allow an extra day before flange change and will be a fixture on my prescription.

A significant improvement!”

Gerald, Glasgow (Urostomate)