Trio Elite® – sting free adhesive remover

When quick, painless and atraumatic removal of medical adhesives from skin is required.

The next generation of silicone  medical adhesive removers has arrived! A new 100% silicone formulation that has been carefully designed for you. Trio Elite® does not use a traditional propellant and will not feel cold when coming in contact with your skin. Spraying at any angle, with a gentle action, Trio Elite® has a controlled & directional spray pattern for longer lasting use* Elite by name, Elite by nature.

Ostomy Care  – pouches

Ensuring a good seal between the ostomy wafer and the skin is essential to preventing leakage. The strong adhesives necessary to achieve this can cause pain and trauma on removal often damaging your  peri-stomal skin. Trio Elite® can release even high –tack adhesives quickly & efficiently.

Wound Care – dressings and fixation devices. 

The new, 100% silicone technology of Trio Elite® will painlessly remove dressings, tapes and fixation devices without causing trauma to the skin.

Trio Elite® is hypoallergenic and the aerosol even sprays at any angle!

Remove unwanted sticky adhesive residue

Most medical adhesives are designed to adhere to undamaged, clean skin. Gently remove unwanted sticky residues with Trio Elite® soft wipes to ensure the skin is prepared for the next ostomy appliance or adhesive product.

  • 30 large soft wipes
  • Creates a clean surface for the next appliance or dressing
  • Will not sting, even on sore skin
  • Releases adhesives quickly
  • Sprays at any angle
  • Controlled & directional spray pattern for longer lasting use
  • Will not affect adhesion of the next Ostomy appliance,  dressing or  tape
  • Dries in seconds – leaving no residue