Trio Siltac®

You have had a limited choice in ostomy seals for your stoma care. All current products comprise of a hydrocolloid formulation. They all suffer from the same set of problems. Our new silicone technology based products solve those problems.

Hydrocolloid seals or rings absorb moisture. As it ‘swells’ the seal around the stoma becomes better. Level of absorption is one of the most important features of a hydrocolloid seal for stoma care.

Having an adhesive containing faeces and urine on your skin for long periods of time is not a hygienic solution to protect against leakage. The removal of a hydrocolloid seal or ring can be difficult due to the absorption of moisture (and body waste!) which leads to the breakdown and failure of the product. This means that you will have to repeatedly clean the skin to remove residue and ensure correct fitment of your next ostomy appliance. All this makes caring for your stoma that much harder.

Trio Siltac® is a soft silicone ostomy seal that works completely differently. It does not absorb moisture or body waste; for the first time you can have a clean and hygienic seal. Trio Siltac® seals have a natural tendency to return to their original shape when stretched. This means you simply stretch a Trio Siltac® seal around your stoma, and shape to form a perfect custom fit. Trio Siltac® removes completely leaving no residue – This means that your pouch change routine can be much quicker and easier.

Innovative use of soft silicone technology to produce an ostomy seal that allows the skin to breathe, stretches to shape and lightly hugs the stoma. Maintains integrity  shape to provide a good seal and extend wear time of ostomy appliances. It is the future of stoma care.

Stoma Care – Trio Ostomy Care

  • Maintains integrity & shape to provide a longer-lasting seal
  • More hygienic than traditional hydrocolloid products – does not absorb faeces or urine
  • Allows the skin to breathe
  • Reduced risk of leakage – extends wear time of your ostomy appliance
  • Stretch around your stoma & shape to create a perfect custom fit
  • Trio Siltac® conforms to the shape of your stoma
  • Promotes comfort due to high level of flexibility
  • Instant adhesion – better seal formed
  • One piece removal – leaves no residue
  • Atraumatic removal – less skin irritation