We all know that keeping healthy can have a beneficial impact on our mental health. Keeping healthy can also help to avoid problems with your stoma. Keeping healthy can also help to avoid problems with your stoma. For example weight gain, or even weight loss, can affect the adhesion of your bag and could lead to leaks and sore skin.

In the last of our series of FREE booklets, we have focused on the benefits of a healthy mind and body. Doing the simplest things can make a real difference and the booklet is full of information, hints and tips to help you to move towards a healthy lifestyle and a healthier and relaxed you.

We’ve also produced a FREE ‘Healthy mind & body’ pack that includes a Trio pedometer bracelet and product samples to help you and your stoma on your journey.

What's Covered in Your Free Booklet?

Your FREE Healthy Mind & Body booklet covers everything from mental health, mindfulness and being active to leisure activities, hobbies and learning new skills. It also includes really handy hints, tips and myth busters.

What’s in Your Free ‘Healthy Mind & Body’ Pack?

Along with your FREE Healthy Mind & Body booklet you’ll also receive a Trio pedometer bracelet so that you can track your steps as you follow some of the tips in the booklet. You’ll also receive samples of our Trio Elisse® Sting Free Skin Barrier and Trio Silex® Silicone Flange extenders.

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