Over the last year we have produced a series of booklets that cover the ins and outs, and ups and downs of living with a stoma. Our booklets have covered Travel, Healthy Eating, Life, and our latest one is all about having a Healthy Mind and Body.  Our booklets have been written by ostomates for ostomates, so they are packed full of practical hints and tips, based on many years of experience of living with a stoma.

If you have missed out on one of the booklets then this is your chance to request them so that you can complete the set, giving you all round support for living with a stoma. Whether you are about to have surgery, have just had surgery, or you’ve been living with a stoma for a number of years, there’s something in each of the booklets for you.

Summer Travel Tips & Healthy Eating Tips

If you’re worried about taking a splash in the pool or struggle to find tasty meals that don’t upset your belly, then these two books are made for you. They are packed full of myth busters and tips on both travel and healthy eating from ostomates.

Life and All That Other Stuff & Healthy Mind and Body

If dating with an ostomy has left you stressed or you’re struggling to relax at the end of a busy day, then these books are just what you need. They feature candid tips on living life to the full with a stoma and advice on relaxing from ostomates.

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